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In the midst of keeping up with toddler’s, getting back in the groove of breastfeeding, and enjoying time with my new little lady, I am just now finding the time to sit still at the computer to reflect on and share Olive’s birth story.

Some of you may remember, this pregnancy was a tough one and full of surprises. Olive was delivered two weeks early due to a scare that my uterus could potentially rupture…that was fun.

The night before Olive’s grand entrance was full of Mexican food and tears. I don’t remember being this anxious prior to my previous C-sections. Obviously, a C-section is a major surgery but this time I felt like I had more to lose if something were to happen.

The Big Day

Olive was born on April 7th. It just so happened to be the most beautiful Virginia day. She was born at UVA Medical Center at 10:06 am via scheduled C-section. I picked the first surgery so I would have the entire day to recover, best decision EVER.

I had an incredible experience at the hospital, probably the best out of all three of my babies. My only hiccup, was inserting the spinal block. I know that my 4’ 11” stature doesn’t make it very easy on the anthologist. Inserting the spinal took over an hour and in that hour I had a panic attack…go me. After my husband had entered the operating room, it only took 15 minutes to hear the feistiest cry ever. Olive had entered the world.


Olive was born weighing in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19 inches long. She was and is still so tiny. Olive also had a little jaundice and trouble regulating her own temperature, which meant a lot of skin to skin time. The nurses wouldn’t give sweet girl a bath till she could regulate her temperature, so she spent her first day a little gunky but oh so beautiful.

Photo by Oldfields Photography


One of the best things about my C-section was the nurses. They were ALL amazing. The first day I had my very own nurse. She was with me through my pre-op, the surgery, and hours after the surgery. She never left my side unless it was something for me, how amazing is that?

I was able to walk by 8 pm that night and had my catheter and IV disconnected by 10 pm, which was a huge accomplishment. My goal was to be up and showered by the end of the night. We had a long night full of nurses coming in about every three hours, but overall the first night wasn’t terrible. Our hospital is a baby friendly hospital, meaning that they don’t have a nursery and baby stays in your room the entire time. This was a first for me and I have mixed feelings about it, if I hadn’t had my husband with me it would have been incredibly stressful.

We were discharged Sunday afternoon, an entire day sooner than what we had expected!

Olive is now one month old and growing so fast. She is the sweetest baby who loves to cuddle.

Photo by Oldfields Photography

How are the Boys Adjusting?

The boys have been absolutely obsessed with their little sister since the day they met! We still have a lot of adjusting to our new normal, but we will get there.




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