Tree Classics:: Trimming The Home with Real Feel Christmas Foliage


Can you hear the sleigh bells yet? Pinch me now. Believe it or not, in just a few days the big man in red will be venturing down the chimney.

I have a love/hate relationship with my Christmas decorations.

I absolutely adore how my home looks, yet the mess of tangled lights and pine needles (real and fake) coving my floor drives me bonkers…like pour the eggnog asap.

I recently discovered the most amazing brand of Christmas garlands, wreaths, and trees EVER.

Tree Classics

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this brand is incredible, they have turned this real tree lover into a fake tree owner.

This is not your grandma’s foliage, you know, the kind that feels like plastic and sheds ALL OVER. Tree Classics offers real feel needles. Real feel looks real and even feels real. The best part is…these needles stay in place even through storage. And get this, the foliage has a FIVE-year warranty.

My garland and wreath are all battery powered, yep you heard that right. BATTERY POWERED. No cords all over the place or hiding extension cords to get to an outlet, it’s just a simple push of a button and voila, magic. Tree Classics provides a two-year warranty for the lights.

The garland and coordinating wreath I was given is the Woodland Noble Fir. It is beautiful. The garland and wreath are adorned with snow kissed pine cones, winter berries, and an assortment of foliage.I do realize the date, and that it’s a little late to be purchasing garland for this fast approaching Christmas day, but they are currently offering up to 70% off and free shipping till the 26th. It’s never to early to start buying for next Christmas…am I right?



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