Tips To Save Your Sanity When Moving With Toddlers

I know there has been a little radio silence on my end of the computer. We are finally getting settled in my hometown of Franklin, TN! I am so excited to get to show my family everything I loved about growing up here! I wish this post was full of insight and magical fairy dust that will make your move with toddlers easier but sadly it’s not. However, I do have a few tips that could help your move go smoother than mine! We moved from Charlottesville VA to Nashville TN with two toddlers (4 and 3) and a newborn. It was close to a 9-hour trip with stops and a moving truck.

Packing of the Boxes

I was aiming for everything to be super organized, which happened till the very last day in Charlottesville. We HAD to be organized since a portion of our belongings were coming with us and the rest to storage.   When packing with toddlers do what you can at night, especially when packing the toys up. Be sure to leave a few of their favorites but put everything that hasn’t been touched in the past two days in the box. Get them involved when you can. They were big help packing up their bedding and towels, especially when I didn’t care how the box was packed. Purchase Play-Doh. I have mixed feeling towards Play-Doh because of the mess, but it’s a wonderful tool for packing. Play-Doh was great because it distracted them for hours. They could get as messy as they wanted, since I had to sweep before we moved out anyways. Another bonus was, I didn’t feel bad trashing it on the way out the door. Biggest tip I can give you for packing: HIDE THE SHARPIES! Apparently in the chaos my little guys saw the blank walls as a big white canvas. They decided to hijack a Sharpie and color on the wall…there goes our deposit.

Loading the Truck

If you have ever wanted t make a toddler boy smile, rent a moving truck. My little guys went nuts over our moving truck. You would have thought they were looking at Santa Clause. We allowed the boys to load up whatever they could carry. It wasn’t much, but in hindsight it was one less trip for me to make. My oldest, Ryder transformed into the Hulk, I never knew he could carry so much. I wish he would do that when I ask him to bring in the groceries…guess I will keep dreaming on that one.

Moving Day

This is the secret that probably saved my sanity the most…we let one boy ride in the moving truck. Now, I am no safety expert and yes, they were riding in the front seat of a moving truck but I felt that they were completely safe being that high up in a 16ft moving truck. We let the boys trade at the half way mark. My car was labeled the iPad car, since we had to have something “cool” to compete with daddy and a moving truck. I would not have survived moving day with an infant if it wasn’t for my Medela Harmony, Manual Breast Pump and the Brica Swing! Baby In-Sight Mirror. Olive was a trooper and did AWESOME.   

Unpacking and Unloading

I’ve got nothing. Just enjoy the moment you finally arrive and pray that some sweet neighbors notice your struggle and offer to pitch in.          


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