Time Flies By With Jord Watches


We are officially moved to Nashville! Moving across state lines with kids is something that I’d rather not again.

Have you noticed that it seems like everyone is gearing up for fall? The Halloween items are slowly coming out and school supply shopping is in full swing. I love fall, it is my favorite season and it brings all my favorite things. I’m worried that I have let this summer fly past me. I still have a lingering list of summer activities that I want to do with my little guys.

Time is flying past me.  

My amazing husband Ben is working so hard to give his family the best opportunities to succeed. I was super excited when my friends at Jord approached me with this beautiful watch for Ben and are going to give one of my lucky readers a $100 gift card to pick out their very own Jord watch. This watch was the perfect way to say “Thank You” for all that you are doing and to show that his hard work isn’t going unrecognized. Although this gorgeous timepiece will not slow down time it will at least help him keep up with it.

Ben’s watch is the Conway Series watch in Kosso and Midnight Blue. It is amazing…I’m slightly obsessed with it. This watch is a classic. It is perfect for every day or even a swanky night out. The watch is lightweight and so unique, I just can’t wait to purchase one of their women’s watches for me.

I can’t forget to tell you about the packaging of this watch, it’s incredible. The watch comes in a stunning box. The box has a magnetized lid and even a little keepsake drawer which is perfect for cufflinks or a sweet little note. Jord wants your watch to last forever so they even provide a microfiber cloth and preserve oil.

So, lets chat about this $100 gift card! I am so excited to give one of my readers the opportunity to own their very own Jord watch. All you need to do is follow the GIVEAWAY LINK and provide your name and email. Yes, it’s that simple! And just for entering, Jord is going to give you a $25 gift code once the giveaway has ended. You will have till August 20th to enter.  

Luxury Wooden Watch



  1. Yuan

    That is a unique watch. Normally it is either plastic or stainless steel. I have never seen a one made out of wood!

    03 . Aug . 2017
  2. Jessica Joachim

    These really are such pretty watches! I need to look at their site and maybe see about getting one for my husband. I know he would love it.

    03 . Aug . 2017
  3. Karen Morse

    I think Jord is a lovely watch for yourself or as a gift to loved ones. I love that it’s handmade and that it’s also quite unique! It matches a lot of outfits too! I so love that they always have deals that we can take advantage of.

    03 . Aug . 2017
  4. Cassie

    I hadn’t seen any jord watches until recently and I must say I really like the style – different from other watches I’ve seen on the market!

    03 . Aug . 2017
  5. Jeanine

    I just recently heard of Jord and the watch in this picture is gorgeous! I would love to look at them for a special gift!

    03 . Aug . 2017
  6. Erica

    The Jord watches are so nice. I’m glad you were able to give one to your husband. I’m not a big watch person, but I really do like the Jord watches.

    03 . Aug . 2017
  7. michenn

    I got one of those watches for my boyfriend and he LOVED it because it was so lightweight. But it also broke, which was no bueno. But yeah, he loved how light and easy to wear it was.

    04 . Aug . 2017
  8. Amy Desrosiers

    I feel your pain with moving! We are in the midst of it and it is such a stressful process. There are just way too many things to do in one single day.

    04 . Aug . 2017
  9. Jenny

    I see Jord watches everywhere online. I need to get my husband one, they look so cool!

    04 . Aug . 2017
  10. Heather Brummett

    What a beautiful watch! I am sure he loves it. This is something my husband would love too. So manly and classic!

    04 . Aug . 2017
  11. Roxanne

    These are such beautiful watches! They look elegant yet easy to wear with a casual. I will have to share with my husband.

    04 . Aug . 2017
  12. reesa

    I love the look of JORD watches. They have so many lovely options for a man or a woman!

    04 . Aug . 2017
  13. Stacey

    It’s a stunning watch. I love the packaging too, it’ makes it great as a unique gift.

    04 . Aug . 2017
  14. Crystal Green

    These watches have a strong reputation for good reason. They are gorgeous and look great on whoever wears them. You made a great selection with this watch.

    04 . Aug . 2017
  15. Misty Nelson

    I love that watch! Wood has such a classic, timeless look and it’s so unique. I’ve seen this brand pop up on Instagram, very stylish! And great giveaway too!

    04 . Aug . 2017
  16. Nicole Shillings

    I just love a man who wears a watch. This one is super sexy! I wish my boyfriend would wear them, but he works with his hands for a living and would just destroy it.

    05 . Aug . 2017
  17. Breena Blake

    Such a gorgeous watch! I have a Jord Watch and I absolutely love it! I love the pics of your family also and the hot air balloons. So beautiful!

    05 . Aug . 2017
  18. Andrea

    Congrats on your move! That is so exciting. While I know way to well the not so fun part about moving, once you are all settled in it is the best feeling ever.

    06 . Aug . 2017
  19. Cynthia

    Love the wooden accents everywhere, from the watch, to the box as well! Gives a really warm and laidback feel, if you know what I mean.

    06 . Aug . 2017
  20. BRittany

    I desperately need to get one of these! They are so cute and I love all the pics I see with girls wearing them! It can go casual or fancy and I love it!

    07 . Aug . 2017
  21. Cecilia Cannon

    I love my jord watch. Got it last Fall and I haven’t taken it off. honestly, love it! it is the only watch I wear that people comment on it.

    08 . Aug . 2017

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