RAWR:: Jurassic Park 6th Birthday Party


My little turkey is turning 6 on Monday. I know, I say it for every birthday, but I seriously cannot believe my Thanksgiving baby is 6 years old. 6 just sounds so old, so mature, I’m just in denial.

We celebrated Ryder’s 6th birthday with an epic Jurassic Park party. Not to toot my own horn, but this was one amazing party. I absolutely love having birthday parties in our home. Yes, our house is a little small, but I enjoyed every minute of opening up our home to all of Ryder’s friends. Don’t let having a small house discourage you from throwing a party, guess what…no one cares. These kids and even their parents are just grateful that you invited them.

This was also our first big boy/school friends only birthday party. It was such an adjustment to have a home full of friends and parents who I didn’t even know. Okay, so enough of my emotional babbling, lets get on with the party details.

The Invitations 

The Decor

There is just so much you can do with Jurassic Park. Oh where to start…

I created an “electrical fence” on the main wall of the living room using black masking tape, found at Walmart. To complete the look I printed off electrical fence warning signs and laminated them at my FedEx print shop.Of course I had to make the iconic Jurassic Park entry gate. I used boxes, which were stacked up and hot glued together. I then covered them in shipping paper. After each column was created I used black paint to create cracks and hot glued foliage on the columns. Once the columns were completed, I made the Jurassic Park sign using a piece of cardboard covered in shipping paper. It was super simple and very effective. The gate sconces were made using craft foam sheets and tissue paper.

I used so much hot glue creating this party, I’m pretty sure I melted my finger prints off (just a fun fact).

This large t-rex backdrop was purchased off of Amazon and it was so perfect. It brought our dinosaur party to life.

For the cupcake table I made a good old fashion paper mache volcano. For a grand effect, dry-ice was added to really bring the volcano to life and make it “erupt.” Needless to say the kids loved it…I felt like super mom.

The Food

I went super budget friendly with the food. For a 2 pm party feeding kindergartners there is no need to spend a lot on “fancy” food. Here is what I came up with:

  • Pretzel sticks: Dino bones
  • Fruit: Herbivores
  • Dino Nuggets: Carnivores
  • Donut holes: Dino Eggs
  • Cupcakes: You can get 30 cupcakes for $15 at Sam’s…you cant beat that!


When Ryder’s guests first arrived they grabbed a Park Ranger name badge and decorated a hat with foam dinosaur stickers! This was a great way to buy time as guests were still arriving. 

I created two games for Ryder’s party:

Triceratoss: throwing rings to land on the triceratops horns.
Feed the T-Rex: Throw balls into the t-rex mouth.

Dinosaur Dig Kits: The kits were created with Dollar Tree Tupperware containers, and Dollar Tree mini dinos hidden inside. I used sand mixed with plaster to create a dirt like surface to dig from. Attached to the kits were spoons and paint brushes to be used for digging.I am still obsessing about how perfect this party was. I hope this post can help you plan a wonderful Jurassic Park party as well.


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