Prepairing For Kindergarten With Kindergarten Toolkit



The word that has been consuming my mind and my summer. How is it possible my oldest baby is going in to kindergarten?

I have so many mixed feelings about this season of life. I am incredibly excited for all the adventures Ryder will go on and the knowledge that will fill his already creative mind. But there is a piece of me that feels so anxious and nervous about sending my little man into the world.

Letting him go into a place where I can’t protect him has this mama all torn up inside, go on and pass me an Alka-Seltzer. I may not be able to protect Ryder, but at least I can prepare him and send him off with as much knowledge as I can pack this summer. My hope is that this knowledge will give Ryder the confidence he needs to excel while navigating through kindergarten.

Kindergarten Toolkit

I was so excited when I found Kindergarten Toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit holds all the learning material that an upcoming kindergartener needs. One of my favoirte things about Kindergaten Toolkit, it was created by a sweet mama here in middle Tennessee!

The kit includes an amazing toolkit booklet, which is absolutely golden for parents. These lesson plans are divided into 10 goals. Along with the booklet you will receive four sets of quality flashcards, a whiteboard, pen/eraser and a piece of sidewalk chalk.

Ryder is about half way through the lesson booklet and he has improved so much. I’m already seeing his confidence blossom and his reading and writing skills are greatly improving.

This blog was sponsored by Kindergarten Toolkit.


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