Olive’s Flamingo Nursery Nook


I have so many posts in mind in regards to babies! I know, how exciting! But to not give you baby overload I am going to try to space them out over the next few weeks as we wait for baby Olive’s grand entrance to the world.

Today, I am sharing Olive’s nursery nook.

When we were townhome shopping this past spring, having another baby wasn’t completely in the plans. We ended up renting our adorable green house (as Ryder calls it), which is only two bedrooms. The boys share a room, which has its good days and bad days but overall it works for now. Olive will be bunking with us for a while, past the typically eviction point so I wanted to give her a space of her own and I was missing out on getting to do a full blown nursery. I put my big girl panties on, bucked up and created her something beautiful with the space and resources God gave me.

After creating the nook, I absolutely fell in love with it. Growing up I was obsessed with pink flamingos, I just adore how unique and well, how PINK they are so we decided to go with a pink flamingo theme.

Besides the space I had two challenges.

The first, thanks to our landlord, is the odd olive(ish) color that our room is painted (what a strange coincidence), and the second being the many shades of pink that flamingos come in. Flamingos apparently range from light coral to hot pink, which made online ordering difficult but somehow it all came together (after a few returns of course).

You will probably notice that there is no adorable bassinet or mini crib. I decided to only purchase what I know my babies like. It took a few sleepless nights for us to discover the Fisher Price Rock and Play, it is seriously magical for Cunningham babies.

Links to products featured:

Flamingo pillow: Target

Shadow Box: Michaels

Striped Fabric bins: Target

Changing Pad: Lullabies Lollipops on Etsy

Ombre Tassel Garland (ships from the U.K.): Deco Pom Poms on Etsy

White Flower Wall Décor: Target

Customized Flamingo Printable: Hewitt Avenue on Etsy

Bible Verse Printable: Brigette Turner on Etsy

Flamingo Alphabet (ships from Canada): Amelie Legault on Etsy

Stand Tall Darling Flamingo,





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