Ode To My Diaper Bag:: With Ryla Pack


Hello and welcome to an ode to my diaper bag. This is no literary master piece, just a show of appreciation to my most loyal friend, let’s begin…

I love you diaper bag. You are mine and I am yours. Together we conquer the world of 2 toddlers and an infant. There is no bathroom accident that you cannot handle or shopping buggy that will go unsanitized.

I shall not forget to complement you on your beauty. Your shade of grey is exquisite and your stunning gold embellishments makes you the most chic diaper bag there is.

My children worship you and view you as a mysterious satchel, one that can care for them with a mothers touch.

Diaper bag, you have made me the mother I am today. You take the load off my shoulders with your padded straps and provide my baby a soft, padded resting place for her bum. Thank you for gifting me a pocket of my own, a pocket that is full of treasures just for me.

I adore you diaper bag, so I dedicate this ode to you.

Do all of you love your diaper bag as much as I do?

My amazing diaper bag is the Ryla Pack. The Ryla Pack is the most non fussy bag I have ever owned. It is simplistic and aids me in maintaining control of all my mom gear. Ryla is made of a washable, wipeable, and water resistant faux leather.

It contains an amazing wet bag that I love. I keep diapers, a change of clothes, and wipes in my wet bag. Its ready to use at the first sighting of a baby blowout. Which brings me to the changing pad. The Ryla Pack includes the best changing pad EVER, its large and heavily padded.

Inside includes plenty of pockets and two insulated bottle pockets. Speaking of pockets, there are two expandable side pockets on the outside and a zipper back pocket, that is perfect for an iPad.

The best part about Ryla is their customer service, not only are they super helpful but Ryla offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Go check them out and get you one! Use MORGAN20 to save.


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