Masking Mondays, Sharing My New Favorite Beauty Brand


Is summer over already? Is that terrible to ask? I’m done with humidity and my kids really need to go back to preschool. I am looking ahead to school buses, pumpkins, and football…bring on the chill in the air.

We are about half way packed (that might be a slight stretch), it is always so difficult to pack and compromise with the things that you need. Sadly, I can’t convince my husband to do takeout for 11 days so most of the kitchen will have to wait. I am counting down the days till we can be closer to friends and start our lives in NashVegas.

Today, I wanted to share my skin routine and my new favorite products. Keep in mind, I don’t claim to be a beauty expert at all. I’m just a self-taught gal who knows what works best for me.

My Skin ID

I thought it would be incredibly beneficial for you to know my skin type, to see if this regimen would work for you.

First and foremost, I am three months’ post baby. My skin was TERRIBLE during the first trimester and by the third trimester I was glowing. I didn’t have any blemishes. Then as soon as the little lady popped out came the acne.

I have never had horrible acne, just blackheads on my chin and nose with the occasional breakout on my hairline. Lately I have been looking a tad rough, with blemishes in the dead center of my forehead.  

I have combination/mildly sensitive skin. It’s not overly oily nor dry but if I apply the wrong product on I will dry up like a raisin.

Finally, Let’s Talk Product

I used to be a Sephora snob and used Boscia till my hubby started checking the bank account, not really (but really). It’s hard to justify spending $50 on one product with three kids that like to wear clothes (sometimes) and eat.

My new addiction…Yes To

You have probably seen these products at your local Target. I was always intrigued with the cute packaging featuring veggies and fruit but it took some major skin desperation for me to actually take the plunge.

A Little About Yes To

·         Every product is made of 95% natural ingredients.

·         Most of the packaging is made with recyclable materials.

·         The packaging will make you smile (read it).

·         The best one…they believe in women and aim for happiness amongst them.

The Products I Use:

Yes To Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Mist ($10.99)

This soothing spray is 96% natural ingredients. I use this every morning makeup or no makeup. If I am applying makeup that day, I spray it on right before. It has a light scent and provides my skin with the prefect amount of moisture.

Yes To Cucumbers Calming Micellar Cleansing Water ($8.99)

The gentle all-in-one makeup remover is 95% all natural. I use this every night to cleanse and remove makeup, no rinsing required. This product is great for sensitive skin and will NOT dry you out.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask ($15.99)

96% all natural! This is the closest I will come to a tomato. I absolutely hate tomatoes.

I was skeptical of the mask. The only time I ever used a mask was in high school when my friends and I bought the $1 masks at Walgreens. This mask is life changing. If you needed a reason to head to Target, here you go.

Mondays are my “beauty” days. Sadly, no I don’t turn into Cinderella, but I do my eye brows in hopes of not looking like Frida Kahlo. I also mask on Mondays. Yes, I do it every Monday. However, I only mask my “T” zone, since that’s where it is most needed. About once a month I will scare my husband and mask my entire face.


Yes To Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Night Cream ($15.99)

Guess what…99% natural! WOW! I’m only 26 years old and wrinkles aren’t a huge problem for me. I was looking for a gentle cream that would add the maximum amount of moisture and boost my skin, plus the blueberries and lemon peel sounded divine.

I really enjoy this cream, I wake up with moisturized skin, without it being greasy. The cream does sit on the skin more than I like, just be sure to rub it in and give it a few minutes.

There you have it ladies! Get on over to Target or Amazon and give these products a try!

I was not compensated for this post, I seriously just love these products!




  1. Angela Tolsma

    Good luck with your move!! I don’t want summer to end but I don’t have kids and I love the hit! Yes-to products are awesome and some of my favorites!

    18 . Jul . 2017
  2. Belle

    I’ve read great things about these products! I need to try these and see what the buzz is all about! So excited!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    18 . Jul . 2017
  3. Theresa

    This is a great roundup of beauty products! I need to buy some new products before fall. Thanks for the reminder!

    18 . Jul . 2017
  4. Aish Das-Padihari

    I hope your move is a smooth one. I hate moving but I have a feeling that, I may have to move again in another 2/3 years.

    18 . Jul . 2017
  5. Beth Davidson

    I just had a baby too, can she also go to preschool? I need a nap. 🙂 I will have to check out Yes-to, I’ve never heard of them before.

    18 . Jul . 2017
  6. Misty Nelson

    I love masks! They are so great for detoxifying your skin and removing buildup. I really need to check these products out.

    18 . Jul . 2017
  7. Cynthia

    I’ve never heard of this brand before! I find it so great that local drug stores, I guess you can call them, are starting to carry more natural products, like Yes To. So many great products in the world to try, so little money and space in my makeup drawer!

    18 . Jul . 2017
  8. Rhian Westbury

    I’ve used a few bits from this brand and I really like their wipes, they’re so hydrating and not drying like a lot of face wipes x

    19 . Jul . 2017
  9. Robin Rue

    I have always wanted to try this line out. I guess I will just have to break down and do that soon!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  10. Stephanie Cummings

    Its seems to strange kinds in the uk haven’t even broken up yet!!! I don’t have kids but school holidays are always a nightmare for travelling home from work so I need a destress time for myself. I love the Yes to range but haven’t tried any of these products yet

    19 . Jul . 2017
  11. Heather

    This sounds like a great line of products. I’d love to give them a try! Our summer break is over in less than two weeks and I honestly can’t believe it flew by so quickly. We did so much and I’m sad to see it go but definitely ready for back to school!

    20 . Jul . 2017
  12. Heather

    I’m not sure I am ready for summer to end just yet – ours is so short in Maine to begin with. But, yes, my kids are definitely ready to be back into a normal routine! I haven’t tried these products, but I have several mask samples in my beauty bin – I think I am going to have to get to it now!

    20 . Jul . 2017

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