Making Road Trips With Kids Less Of A Headache


I’m here, I promise. Gosh, I just realized that I haven’t written a blog post since before Valentine’s Day, that’s just crazy. Most of that time was spent hiding in the bathroom and sneaking leftover candy before my kids found me…but really.

On a more serious note, February was just plain busy and full of sickness. Both boys got the flu and I had my wisdom teeth removed. Maybe that’s the reason I haven’t written…most of my wisdom was taken from me, let’s hope not.

Ever since we moved to Nashville we have been within driving distance of best friends and family. We have always been a family on the move and filling our weekends with adventures and day trips. Having three kids now makes our weekend trips to Memphis and Mississippi a little more hectic, I am going to give you my advice on making road trips with kids less of a headache.

Be Prepared

This one is obvious. But make sure you have all the essentials that you need. I typically pack a road trip bag. Here’s what is in my bag:

  • Extra diapers and wipes
  • A change of clothes for all three kids
  • Emergency toddler snacks
  • Paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First aid kit
  • Water bottles
  • Extra bottle for Olive

Play a Game

I’m not going to lie, I was so excited when my kids were old enough to play I Spy and the Alphabet Game (listing animals or objects that start with each letter of the alphabet). Its free entertainment right there. Yes, it can get a little old but it’s much much better than screaming or arguing.


We limit our road trip snacking. Lots of snacks equals water which means we will be stopping to go to the bathroom in some yucky gas station. Don’t get me wrong we do feed them, it’s just not an abundant amount of food. We also keep their water cups upfront with us, preventing them from over indulging or making a mess.


They do not need to bring every toy in the toy box. When my kids bring toys in the car 99% of the time they will argue over them or drop them, which means more work for me.

Travel Trays

I am in love with these travel trays from Cradle Plus. They are perfect for traveling in the car or on a plane. The tray features padded backpack straps that are adjustable, meaning you don’t have to carry it. This is the ultimate toddler seat organizer. We love pairing the travel tray with the Mini Camp Castle play mats. The travel tray has plenty of pockets for those three cars I mentioned before that the boys can bring.


Yep! I said it. We watch Netflix on long road trips. Since we aren’t fancy enough to have screens in the car we rely on our iPad. Desperate times call for desperate measures, am I right?

It’s not easy but once you arrive the adventure is always AMAZING. Happy travels friends.

This post was sponsored by Cradle Plus and Camp Castle


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