Are You Making These 8 Common Interior Decor Mistakes?


Are You Making These 8 Common Interior Decor Mistakes? Many times you come under the influence of what you see in the homes of neighbors, relatives, and friends. You also get influenced by what you see on the big screen, the television, and magazines. Directly imitating those designs and looks for your home could cost you a lot in terms of money, efforts, and heartaches.

That’s the reason you make several mistakes in the décor of your house. Your home is your own. It’s the reflection of your individual personality. You may have the budget for it, but remember to avoid eight of these common mistakes while decorating your home.

1. Wants and Needs

The first mistake that you could be making is filling up your house with unwanted things. You may see something in somebody’s house and you end up buying that. In your hearts of hearts you know that you don’t actually need it, but only want it because someone else has it. It’s nice to learn new skills and ideas from people, but to avoid identical replicas.

Make your house different and get things that you actually need, not want. You may end up stuffing your house with less free space to enjoy it. Maintaining these extra items is also a painful task. Extra cupboards, sofas, bigger dining tables, extra large beds, etc are good examples of this. Instead, place some high-end artificial plants in the house.

2. Unorganized Storage

Are you making your house look like a curio shop or even a museum? Don’t. Closely linked to excessive things in the house is the way you keep them. Too many things will force you to display or store them as they have to be kept somewhere. This leads to unorganized display and storage. Delete clutter from your house the way that you delete unwanted files from your laptop or mobile.

Donate, give away, sell, dispose off or follow any other method. Clear the clutter and keep only useful and beautiful things in it. In place of this clutter, keep some planters with beautiful and durable green artificial plants.

3. Flooring and Wall Art

The most common mistake in doing up the walls is by painting all four walls in the same color and also by using dark colors too. Both mistakes make the room look much smaller. Use lighter shades on the walls. If you want to use a dark shade, then do it only on one wall to give depth to the room. The same goes for a designer or patterned wall. Use only one wall for this. You could try some artificial plant wall like the artificial ivy wall ideas too.

Another mistake that you could be doing is to hang wall art, paintings, photo frames, and wall clocks on a big height. The thumb rule is to hang things such that the center of the item is at your eye level when you are standing. It also applies to wall art when you hang them right in front of seating arrangements where you would be sitting rather than standing and looking. Don’t crane your neck and your guest’s neck too!

4. Furniture

Heavy furniture with no legs makes the house look small and cramped. Are you committing this mistake too? Buy items like cabinets, sofas, cupboards which have legs at the bottom rather than those which sit directly and squarely on the floor. It adds spaciousness to the rooms. It’s the same case with furniture painted, made, or varnished in dark colors. Lighter shades add space to the house. Darker ones eat up that space.

Avoid the mistake of placing all furniture next to the walls. You can easily rectify this by shifting the pieces away from the walls for openness in the room. This also helps to take away the big mistake of having uniform shapes and sizes of all décor. What a boring house it is with all tables, chairs, and beds of the same size, shape, and pattern! Bring in a variety in the items. Your house is not a classroom.

5. Furnishings and Tapestry

As said above, bring in a variety of textures, materials, and hues in the house. If you made the inter decoration mistake of making your house look drab, dull, and boring, spice it up with vibrant colors and designs. Try this out on curtains, blinds, sofas drapes, cushion covers, bedspreads, blankets etc. You can even use bright colors on towels, napkins, table mats etc to rectify the mistake of using plain, pastel, and dull colors. Use stripes, dots, squares, floral, modern, abstract designs in various tapestries and furnishings.

6. Electrical Aspects

Look up at the ceilings in the house. Do they have bulbs, tube lights fitted on them? Avoid this mistake by changing the position of these light points. Fix them on side walls, in lamps at the corners, or places where you can highlight your wall art and precious memories. Too many low wattage bulbs or diffused lights make the house look dull and gloomy. Cheer up the place. Make sure that the entrance has sufficient lights which are kept on through the night.

7. Closeness to nature

Often, you don’t place any plants inside the house with the fear of attracting insects and also the efforts to maintaining them. Well, here is what you can do. Get some beautiful, durable, and realistic looking plants like artificial ferns hanging baskets and US silk flowers. They are beautiful and extremely easy to maintain. Just wipe them with a clean cloth. You won’t have to worry about watering them, pruning them when out of shape. Or adding manure to them.

8. Saving Money

Another mistake that you could make while decorating your house is buying cheap and small items in the hope of saving some money. On the contrary, you will end up spending more on repairs and replacements. It is better to buy less in number, but high-quality items for your house.

Remember that your home is the reflection of your personality. Make it vibrant, energetic, organized, and beautiful. You will love living in such a home.

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