My Husband’s Tattered Pants


My husband started a new job today. It’s kind of big deal when you send your beloved off to a new work place. For me, the feeling is similar to that of when Ryder had his first day of school. You want him to make friends, be successful, and to feel as though they could rule the world. In trying to make my man feel like the 007 I see him as, I wanted to help him prepare for the big morning ahead.

Ben’s previous job was as a first responder, so he got the privilege of wearing a uniform. Yes, I declare wearing a uniform as a privilege. I didn’t have to iron or worry about the clothing combinations he may pick out (I hate to say that, but Ben gets a little too creative sometimes). Okay, back to the point. As I was rummaging through his clothes, trying to find him something to wear for his first big day, I realized how much he sacrifices for me. All of Ben’s clothing was tattered and worn. It was a struggle to find pants that didn’t have holes, but did have a button. It shouldn’t be this way. I broke down.

It was a serious ugly cry, right there in my closet.

I often forget just how much I have. I forget just how hard that man works to provide for his family. He NEVER complains. And trust me, I complain ALL the time. My job is relatively simple: keep all the tiny humans alive. Okay, so its not that simple, but without all of Ben’s effort none of it would be possible.

There are always going to be things that I want and items I think I need. Those are desires that are hard to control. But gosh, I pray that I will always remember my husband’s tattered pants. Just a little nugget of truth for you today. Disney blogs are coming soon, I promise.


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