HOUSTON WE HAVE A POOPER! Update:: The Crap In My Life


Quick update on the crap in my life!

It’s a rarity that I ever do an update to a previous post, but I find this one of great importance. I know somewhere in this world I am not the only mom who’s 5 year old child struggles with pooping in the potty. If you haven’t heard about Ryder’s pooping journey check it out here: The Crap In My Life:: My Five Year Old Isn’t Potty Trained

So here we go…


As of now, its safe to say we have a 95% success rate. I will gladly accept that and give him all the Jolly Ranchers he wants. We have been through many enemas and multiple containers of Miralax. I’m more than thrilled the day is here where I can be 95% confident in his pooping abilities.

I honestly started to think this day would never come. I’m not going to get overly cocky here, because he has already had an accident while visiting his grandparents. But I have such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing Ryder CAN poop on the potty.

So what was the answer…hold on to your pants, it’s a doozy

During a frustrating night of sitting on the potty, I decided to tell Ryder that there are dragons that live in the potty. The dragon eats poop and drinks pee pee but they hate old poop that has been sitting in undies. The dragons do not come out of the potty unless they get supper hungry and need to search for food. During that night, Ryder named all the dragons in our home and POOPED ON THE POTTY.

I can’t explain to you what happened, or why it finally all clicked, but I’m absolutely thrilled for him (and me).


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