Our Hoppin’ Easter Play Date, Complete with Snacks and Crafts!


I absolutely love Easter. Being able to celebrate the foundation of my faith is such a powerful day. There is nothing like remembering the resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God and what He did for you and me.

This Easter will be very different for the Cunningham’s. We will either be in the hospital and have a new little one in our arms (hopefully) or Olive will be getting ready to hatch (just a little Easter pun).

I am still trying to squeeze in some Easter fun with the boys before Olive arrives. We are starting off with a bang, by hosting a wonderful Easter play date that I can’t wait to share with you.

For the table runner, I used rolled white craft paper so it would make for an easy clean up.

I will warn you that not all our play dates are like this, but I do like to spruce it up a little for the holidays. All the decorations were things I already had or were from the Target One Spot aisle.

Let’s start with the craft.

Bunny Face Mask Supplies:

Heavy-duty paper plates

White foam paper

Pink foam paper

Popsicle sticks

Hot glue gun and glue


Cotton balls (sorry, not pictured)

Directions: I will go on and say that I made the base of the masks, so it is a little more “mom” involved. Begin by cutting a circle in the middle of the plates. Then use the bunny ear template to cut out the foam ears. I used the longer pieces of foam paper and was able to get two sets of ears out of each. Next, hot glue the pink foam to the white foam allow them to dry for a minute. Attach the ears to the plate along with the popsicle stick to the opposite end. Lastly, make your bow and attach it to the popsicle stick. You could totally make these little lady bunnies by attaching the bow between the ears.

I made them the night before and at the play date allowed the kids to glue the cotton balls around the edge of the mask.

These are super fun and easy. The boys loved running around wearing them.

What’s for snack?

As you all know, having hungry toddlers means you need plenty of snacks. Sometimes planning snacks can be hard. I needed food that was on the healthy(ish) side, nothing that needed a lot of preparation, and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money.

Peep Fruit Kabobs:

Assorted fruit. I used red grapes, green grapes, precut pineapple (I know splurge), and strawberries.

Kabob sticks, pretty much like handing a toddler a sword so keep an eye out.


Directions: Stack the fruit to your preference, I would not recommend putting the grapes on the end. Make sure to put one marshmallow Peep in the center of the fruit kabob.

Carrot Patch Cups:

Jell-o chocolate pudding snack cups (maybe not so healthy)

Crushed Oreos (okay, even less healthy)


Orange Wilton Candy Melts

Directions: Wash the strawberries and allow them to dry on a paper towel. Use a plastic bag to crush the Oreos and sprinkle on top of the chocolate pudding, making it look like dirt. Next, microwave the candy melts in 30 second increments, stirring in between. Begin to dip each strawberry in the candy coating, going as close to the stem as possible, then place on a non stick mat or parchment paper. Allow them to dry for 5 minutes, then using a fork drizzle more candy coating on top, giving the appearance of the ridges in a carrot. Let the “carrots” dry for 5 more minutes and then place them in the “dirt.”

Cotton Tail Trail Mix

Mini Marshmallows

M&M Eggs

Annie’s Snickerdoodle bunny cookies

Directions: I let the little guys assemble their own trail mixes. These adorable little pouches came from the Target One Spot and I lined them with cellophane bags, to make them food safe. Each ingredient was placed in metal buckets also, from Target.

I hope you and your little bunnies will enjoy all these sweet treats and fun craft!




  1. robin Rue

    Ok, so you clearly throw the best playdates ever! Look at all those super fun snacks!! I bet everyone loved it.

    20 . Mar . 2017
  2. Karen

    Congrats (or pre-congrats) on the new “hatching” and impressed that you are still doing these fab crafts! The bunny mask is too cute – I want one too!

    20 . Mar . 2017
  3. The Spirited Sloth

    This looks so fun. Did you do that gold lettering yourself, too? I loove those little signs!

    20 . Mar . 2017
    • myconfettilife

      I wish! That is from last years Target Easter collection. I believe they have one really similar out this year.

      20 . Mar . 2017
  4. Janel Berchielli

    What fun activities to do with the kids no matter if it is easter or not. Best wishes to your new bundle of joy.

    20 . Mar . 2017
  5. Di Hickman

    Wow what an amazing party! Sheesh so much creativity. Love the bunny masks! Creative and something the kids can help with. Love all your ideas!

    20 . Mar . 2017
  6. Ana De- Jesus

    The masks are so cute but I am in love with the fruit kebabs. I like how fun and original it is and it is a healthy but fun way of celebrating Easter x

    20 . Mar . 2017
  7. Krystel | Disney on a Budget

    Loving that plate craft so much! I don’t have any kids and there’s only one small child in my family right now so I might have to chase her and have her do this.

    20 . Mar . 2017
  8. Heather Garcia

    Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! Those ideas are fantastic! I saved your strawberry idea as well as the fruit kabobs with Peeps. I will be using those at Easter! Thanks for the ideas!

    20 . Mar . 2017
  9. Tereza

    Absolutely love the decor you’ve created! Easter is such a lovely holiday, I really do enjoy it too – especially painting eggs and making wreaths! x

    21 . Mar . 2017
  10. Kecia

    What a fun Easter playdate! I love the snacks you prepared. Those PEEP kabobs look delicious!

    21 . Mar . 2017
  11. Sona Sethi

    Wow! I am sure the kids would love the snacks. THey are quick to make and easy to pack!

    21 . Mar . 2017
  12. Brandi with Big Fit Fam

    OMG the esater bunny head cut out is the cutest thing EVER! we are definitely going to be doing that this year!

    21 . Mar . 2017
  13. Katriza | Mommy Engineering

    Oh my this is so cute! I would love to do something like this with my kids! Such fun activities for Easter!

    21 . Mar . 2017
  14. Charlotte

    This looks like such a fun idea and definitely a play date we would have loved to have been at! I think the crafts are good fun to entertain them for the prep as well!

    21 . Mar . 2017
  15. Jessi Joachim

    How fun! Congrats on the coming of the new little hatchling as well. These all look like fun ideas for an Easter celebration with kids.

    21 . Mar . 2017
  16. Mandy Carter

    THis is a cute idea for a fun way to celebrate Easter. I had never thought of covering strawberries in orange chocolate for carrots-clever!

    21 . Mar . 2017
  17. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This looks like it will be a wonderful play date.
    You look like you are very prepared – best of luck with your new one to come.

    21 . Mar . 2017
  18. Melissa

    You are amazing to be near giving birth and making all those great crafts and treats for a great playdate. I love putting peeps and fruit together.

    21 . Mar . 2017
  19. Lydia

    Those little bunny head cut outs are SO cute!! I love this idea, so fun for a play date for littles.

    21 . Mar . 2017
  20. Reesa Lewandowski

    This is just the cutest little party!!! My kids would love to have one with their friends!!!

    22 . Mar . 2017
  21. Nikki

    What a fun playdate! I absolutely love the snack ideas. The Peep-kabobs are just adorable! My son LOVES Peeps, so I’ll have to try that. Love the bunny head craft, too!

    22 . Mar . 2017
  22. Cara (@StylishGeek)

    Gosh that is the cutest Easter Egghunt spread! You did an awesome job! I bet the kids of the playdate loved it!

    22 . Mar . 2017
  23. Kristin

    Awww this is such a fun idea! I need to throw one. Those bunny plates are just too adorable!

    22 . Mar . 2017
  24. Rachel

    This is so cute! I love the face mask idea. That would keep my kids busy making it and then playing.

    22 . Mar . 2017
  25. Victoria

    This is so cute! You did an amazing job, keep up the awesome work 🙂

    22 . Mar . 2017
  26. Blythe Alpern

    What a fun way to make a play date extra special. I love how you incorporated all kinds of different elements, from snacks to activities.

    22 . Mar . 2017
  27. Krystle Cook

    This is all so much fun. My kids would love to do something like this!

    23 . Mar . 2017
  28. OvenStruck

    How adorable! I’m sure everyone had an amazing time! How could they not with all this cuteness. Your snacks are crazy cute and you’re hired! Next playdate is on you lol

    23 . Mar . 2017
  29. Carolyn

    Perfect timing as I am helping with my daughters preschool Easter party. I LOVE the Peeps on the fruit kaboob. I am totally stealing this idea. Fun!

    23 . Mar . 2017
  30. laura londergan

    This is so adorable and I am loving the craft you made of the bunny faces – the kids loved that I am sure,

    23 . Mar . 2017
  31. anvita

    That must have been an awesome playdate. The decor and food all looks yummy. Everything looked so cute.

    27 . Mar . 2017
  32. mylashes4less.us

    Throw an Easter egg-stravaganza with party decor inspired by spring and, of course, bunnies!

    13 . Jul . 2017

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