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Happy Tuesday Friends!

I am just a week and a half away from my baby girl turning six months. It’s bitter sweet because she is getting bigger and learning new tricks every day. It also means that I made my goal of breastfeeding for six months. I know for many, that isn’t much of accomplishment but I never made it this far and with this much ease with my previous two babies.

At this point, I am acting as though I’m ready to accept an Oscar, actually let’s change that, A Nobel Peace Prize. I’m going to just go on and start working on my acceptance speech.

“I’d like to thank my best friend, Medela Pump in Style Advance and her cousin Medela Harmony for giving me the tools I needed to succeed. Thank you nursing bras for not letting me leak and supporting me when I was at my fullest. Oh, and lets not forget, thank you to my engorged breast for making my husband “happy”.”

Okay so maybe I should stop comparing myself to Mandela, Einstein, and Hemingway, but this is how big of a deal breastfeeding for six months was to me. What’s even more exciting, is that I am ready to go beyond six months WHAT WHAT!

Enough of that I wanted to chat today about starting Olive on solids. Please remember, I am no doctor or expert just a mom of three, with a little experience.

When to Start

At Olive’s four-month appointment, the doctor gave us “permission” to start solids whenever we feel ready. Four months just seemed way to soon. I decided to wait till five and a half months, I wanted her to be able to comfortably sit in a highchair.

Ditch the Cereal

I decided I didn’t want to do cereal, it just seemed pointless and after I researched it I was glad I made that decision. Here are some reasons to reconsider giving your baby cereal…

  • Rice absorbs more pesticides than other crops.
  • Babies do not have the ability to properly absorb grains till 8 months.
  • Organic brown rice cereal is processed into flakes which can spike blood sugar levels and strips the rice of what little nutritional value it has.

Doctors recommend cereal is because iron levels starts to drop around 4 months and breast milk is relatively low in iron. I personally feel that my breast milk is made perfectly for my baby, so maybe there is a reason its low in iron. If you are concerned about your babies iron levels, pick iron rich foods to feed them.

What Olive is Eating

I make all of Olives food, it’s just so easy to smash up a couple tablespoons of food. Most nights I just mash up or puree whatever fruit or veggie the boys are having and mix it with a little breast milk. Here are a few of our favorites…

  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • Corn
  • Fruit infused apple sauce (I mix blue berries or pears in the apple sauce). By the way, I do use store bought, organic, no sugar added applesauce. I just don’t have the time to make it myself.
  • Peas (about to try)
  • Butternut squash (about to try)
  • Sweet potato (about to try)
  • Pears (about to try)

Olive’s Appetizer

Cradle Plus makes this amazing fruit feeder. In the box, there are three feeders with three different sized nipples. All you do is insert the fruit inside the nipple and screw it on to the feeder. At five and a half months Olive can hold the feeder completely by herself. Our favorite things to put in the feeder are mandarin oranges, blue berries, apples, and pears. I call this an appetizer because it keeps her busy gnawing on it while I mash up her other food. The fruit feeder is AMAZING for teething as well, I have put frozen blueberries in it and she goes crazy for it. This post was sponsored by Cradle Plus.

I will continue to update you on Olive’s solid food adventure.



  1. Michelle James

    Wow what an amazing little thing to have. We did not have this when my boys were little. I feel a little deprived. LOL! Keep her eating the healthy foods!

    25 . Sep . 2017
  2. Terri Steffes

    First, I love her name! Second, these are sound tips and advice. I am loving that she gets real food!

    26 . Sep . 2017

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