A Gift Guide That Will Make Your Kids Think


Can you believe just how fast Christmas is approaching? I am starting to feel like a pressure cooker. We are to the point where we have something going on every weekend till Christmas. My phone is full of lists: to do lists, Christmas lists, and holiday happenings list.

I couldn’t decided if I was going to publish a gifting guide or not, there is so many that are floating around in the blog world so I was worried you might be tired of them. But, my husband and I have a unique perspective when if comes to gifts for our kids and we are also running on a practical budget (no credit cards).

The Impractical

Last year I would have been found in the target toy section buying all things Hot Wheels and toys and games with multiple pieces. This year has been all about simplifying our lives and one of my biggest pet peeves has become toys with handfuls of tiny parts. Toys with miniscule parts often become the shortest lived in my household, either they break or get lost extremely fast.

*One exception to the tiny parts rule is Legos!*

My Gifting Mistakes From Last Year:

  • Hot Wheels race tracks: We are big into Hot Wheels here, I would say we have one hundred plus cars. Logically, last year I purchased the boys a large track. Did you see where I said LARGE TRACK? The track ended up being too big for our space, so once they stopped playing with it (about a week in) it got put in the attic. The one I purchased was also relatively loud.
  • Games: I purchased the Let’s Go Fishin’ game. That was a huge hit when they received but slowly we started to loose fish along with breaking fish. We also slowly started to loose and break the poles
  • Matching card game: I would like to say that this is kind of obvious. It has a tone of pieces and again, if one card gets lost or broken…game over

Notice I am not saying anything bad about these toys themselves, but for my family of three they just weren’t working.

This Years Idea

After talking and budgeting with my husband we decided that we wanted to get the boys quality toys that make them THINK. That doesn’t mean that these toys aren’t fun or entertaining but they do require critical thinking. Often with a three and five year old critical thinking toys mean that we will have to spend time with them till they get the concept of the toy.

Ryder and Jett will also be receiving less toys because we are purchasing higher quality toys, which is OKAY. Christmas isn’t about the gifts anyways so why are we so concerned about the number of items under the tree?

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, What are my Boys Receiving for Christmas:



You will notice that the boys are getting a handful of the same things…yep, this momma is trying to avoid any fighting.


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