Finding Jesus with The Shepherd On The Search


You guys, Christmas is in six days! I am so excited. I have finally finished my Christmas shopping, the cards are in the mail, and I even completed the grocery shopping.

Ryder and Jett’s excitement for Christmas has been through the roof this year. I love seeing their eyes light up for Santa and all the Christmas magic. With this excitement came a tugging on my heart.

I found myself wishing that their sweet excitement for Santa was more for Jesus. I knew this meant we were needing a major shift in our Christmas celebration.

Being a mom of three, five and under, I will be the first to admit that inserting Jesus into Christmas is hard. A creepy man, in a big red suite is way more attractive to a five and three-year-old. Sadly, that’s just how it is.

As you know, I am an Elf on the Shelf advocate. My kids love their elf, Figg. But Figg wasn’t leading my kids to Jesus.

Finding Jesus this Christmas Season

Thankfully I have found the perfect Elf on the Shelf alternative. I’d like for you to meet, The Shepherd On The Search. Now, I know it’s a little late in the season to give your elf friend the boot, but order him now and introduce the Shepherd next year.

The Shepherd was developed by a wonderful family right here in Nashville. They have done an incredible job of making all the shepherds ADVENTures mom friendly and Christ focused.

Moms and dads can download and print all the Shepherds “recipe cards” and activities for each day. The FREE pintables include memory verses, coloring pages, cards and mazes.

The Shepherd goes daily on adventures during his journey to find the baby Jesus.

My kids have taken extremely well to the Shepherd. They have named him Shep. I even used our Elf on the Shelf to introduce them to the Shephard.

If you are a mom, struggling for ways to excite your kids about the biggest and best birthday celebration EVER, go checkout the Shepherd. He comes in a adorable box that resembles a manger with a wonderful book that talks about his journey.

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