Everyday Play With Little Adventures Dress Ups


Fall is officially here and I am so excited! I’ve already decorated the house, purchased mums, scheduled the pumpkin patch and coordinated my kids Halloween costumes. I promise I’m no over achiever, just a crazy, pumpkin loving gal.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is such a huge part of celebrating fall. However, I often find the process slightly more stressful than it needs to be. The majority of the costumes that can be found at my local stores are scratchy, overpriced, and so cheap looking. Besides being incredibly uncomfortable on my kids sensitive skin, the big box costumes also tend to fall apart before Halloween night is even over. There are a few alternatives to purchasing a big box costume, you can make your own costume, which will probably cost you way more than expected, or you could purchase a handmade creation off Etsy, again it will run you at least a billion dollars.

Little Adventures Dress Ups

I have finally found a company that will change all your Halloween predicaments, Little Adventures Dress Ups. This is an amazing company that makes dress up outfits for everyday play. Yes! I said EVERYDAY play, forget Halloween because your kids can live in these play clothes.

My kids love playing dress up, even 17 month old Olive adores getting all decked out. Little Adventures Dress Ups are comfortable and so soft. All the seams are covered and the fabric is lined so nothing is rough against Olives baby soft skin. The dresses are stretchy and so easy to put on, there are no zippers or buttons to worry about.

Best part…these dresses have a no glitter. The fabric is amazing and sparkles without glitter being left all over my house. Little Adventurers Dress Ups wash up beautifully. The stretch velvet that is used gives the dress a longer life as your little one grows. We own the Deluxe Cinderella dress, its easy to wear and allows Olive to use her imagination and be a princess whenever she would like to be.


Because Olive and I love Little Adventurers Dress Ups so much we are going to give one lucky reader a $50 credit to Little Adventurers Dress Ups! Head over to my Instagram post for details. Also, if you are looking for the perfect princess dress or super hero costume just in time for Halloween use MYCONFETTILIFEBLOG15% for 15% off your Little Adventurers Dress Ups purchase.


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