Decorating your rental


Welcome to a new week friends. With new a new season on the horizon, I always find myself itching to redecorate EVERYTHING. I am one of those wives who begs her husband to move the couch at minimum, three times a year. I just love rearranging, its seriously the best therapy there is when I’m feeling anxious.

The biggest challenge for me, when I want to decorate is the fact that we are in a rental. We have rented our past two homes. I have become a pro when it comes to adapting to odd paint colors and less than high end fixtures. There are so many great ways that you can bring style and life into your rental.

Whats Your Style?

My personal style is mid century modern with an eclectic twist. I like sleek and simple lined furniture, contrasting materials, and functional pieces. Keep in mind, my budget is limited, so I slowly pick up staple pieces here and there. It typically takes me months to completely finish a room. Furniture is the biggest investment for me, I own some vintage, a few staples from Amazon, accent pieces from Target and World Market, plus a couch from a “big box” furniture store, but it works and that’s all that matters.

Find a style and adapt to it, curate pieces that will work functionally and within your budget. There are so many retailers that offer replicated mid century pieces, if that’s your style too.

Make A Big Impression

I am obsessed with removable wallpaper. There are multiple brands to pick from, even Target has a line of peal and stick wallpapers. I went with gold dots for the dining room, these were purchased from Amazon. Yes, it was tedious and yes, my husband and I got in a argument deciding on the right method of measuring.

Bring Life In To Your Rental

Our rental is a town-home, we have outdoor space, but it’s small. I have become a indoor plant LOVER. Plants can bring such amazing textures into a sterile (aka every room is painted the same drab color) town-home. Succulents are my favorite and I have had great success with keeping my snake-plant, aloe vera, and Haworthiopsis fasciata (yep, I had to Google that) alive. My latest addition had to be a fiddle-leaf fig tree. I researched for days, learning everything about this darn tree. I  eventually came to the realization that for such a huge investment, I was more than likely going to kill it. Thankfully I was able to find a the most realistic tree, from Silk Plants Direct provided by CSI Wall Panels. Use the code BLOGGER10 to receive 10% off your own fiddle-leaf.

Don’t Be Afraid To Put A Nail In The Wall

Command designer hooks are absolutely user friendly and easy to use. The best part about command strips, is that they come off the wall without a mark (if done correctly). Speaking of marks, if it can’t be hung with a removable hanger, then don’t be timid to put a nail in the wall. I never hold back from decorating my rental home, just because it requires a nail. Just patch the holes before you leave and enjoy your space.

Change Out The Lights

This is my next project. Lighting from Ikea and World Market are very reasonably priced and can change a room completely. Have your hubby look up a YouTube video (not recommended) or higher a handyman and get a lighting fixture that matches your style. I currently have an awful dinning room light cramping my style.

Focus Heavily On Window Coverings

Window coverings can quickly alter a room. They can can also set the tone of how formal or informal a room feels. Start with the drapery rods (it’s like the jewelry of your home), keep the rod consistent with the style/finishes of the rest of your decor. If you are doing gold accents, bringing in a gold rod. It’s a great opportunity to easily complete a space. The drapes you pick depend on your windows and room design, but to help your space look larger, get the longest drapes that your ceiling can accommodate for. I usually lean towards 84-95 inches.

Invest In Rugs

Rugs can cover dingy carpet and old, unattractive laminate floors. There are so many styles to pick from, that can make your rental feel like home. The At Home store carries a line of “vintage” style rugs, they are very similar to those from Anthropology, but a quarter of the price. They are currently my top favorites.


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