Creating a Registry Past Your First Baby


Why is registering past your first child so unheard of? It can almost come off as appalling, especially to some of our older southern traditionalist. Hasn’t the world grasped the concept by now, that babies are super EXPENSIVE no matter which number you are on!

Who creates a registry for a THIRD child?

In attempt to be more organized I created the registry for ME. The boys were born so close together that we only needed a few items unlike with Olive, where we are completely starting over.

As I was researching products, I would add the products that I was most interested in to the registry. This helped me keep track of the MILLIONS of different bottles that are on the market now.

I am also very obsessed with reviews. I typically will not even look at something with less than 4 stars. Every time I viewed a product I could simply remove it from my list if I came across a review that had, humm let’s say three stars.

The registry allowed me to easily compare prices. I had three registries going, Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon, they each almost looked identical when it came to the products on them but the prices were extremely different. On large ticket items, such as the baby carrier the prices of all three retailers were about the same, but on the smaller things like pumping accessories Babies R Us had a slight markup.

Advantages of the registry

Can you believe it, retailers will offer you some pretty sweet deals for expecting moms? I suppose they know moms are spending the big bucks. Here is what they will each offer you for having a registry:

  • Target: Gives new moms a small welcome gift. Stop by customer service and tell them you have created a registry online. The gift includes samples and a bunch of coupons (tip: check the coupons two of mine were expired). You will get coupon for 15% off all remaining items on your registry one for in-store and one for online purchases. Here is a little secret…the items on your registry do NOT have to be baby items and you can stack coupons/Cartwheel with the offer. Target has a decent registry app that can help you keep track of items along with scanning items in store. With the registry you earn an entire year to make returns off your registered items.
  • Babies R Us: Gives you up to 10% back on your registry, with no limits. They offer one year of returns as well. Babies R Us will provide you with a coupon for 10% off items on your registry.
  • Amazon: I was slightly disappointed with Amazon…I know! Did I just say that? I was thinking Amazon was going to be my go to place for all my baby needs. Amazons registry process is a little more overwhelming, because they have everything in every color. For non-prime members Amazon, will offer you a 10% completion discount. Prime members can get 15% off their registry along with a special welcome box. To earn the welcome box, you need to have prime, order a minimum of $10 off the registry and complete their guidelines for a registry.

Keep in mind that each of these retailers will issue the completion coupons about 8 weeks before your due date.

I ended up purchasing most everything from Target. They are the most affordable and offered free shipping.


I went in creating my registry with little to no expectations, other than the hope of staying organized, earning free merchandise, and saving a little money. Again, the registry is purely for me so I have no expectations of family and friends to be purchasing off it. My mom is in fact the only person who knows about it.

Of course, anything past your first child you really shouldn’t have expectations to receive gifts.

However, if someone specifically asked “do you have a registry” or “is there anything you need” I would be perfectly fine referring them to the registry. Registries are great because there is no pressure.

The fact is that babies cost a lot of money, no matter if it’s your first, second or third. For that reason, go on and register momma and do what YOU need to do.



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