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I’m back, two posts in one week, go on and call Guinness World Records!

I wanted to touch on how I collaborate with brands.

I view myself as a relatively small blogger. My blog has a daily average of 170 views a day. Keep in mind this is my average meaning somedays I may only have 20 and other days 500 plus. My Facebook page is pretty dismal with only 88 followers. Instagram is my main form of communication and what I utilize the most, my Instagram currently has 2,121 followers. The average person has around 150 followers, so I’ll take it.

I realize these numbers might not mean anything to you, but these numbers mean a lot for brands. It’s the number of prospective buyers that they could potentially reach. All these numbers need to be featured on a media kit.

Media Kit

A media kit is what you should have if you would like to work with brands. This is a PDF that outlines your statistics and a little bit about you and your blog. My media kit is kept relatively simple, I like to keep it short, just one page in length. The contents explaining my blog is the same wording that can be found in my “Meet Morgan” section on my blog. Don’t over complicate it, copy as much as you can from your actual blog, why not, you are trying to sell your blog anyways. I also have a small section about me in my media kit, this just lets them know how many kids I have and where we live, important facts when it comes to advertising. Many media kits will go on and include the media pitch aka what you would like to do for the brand you are reaching out to, I usually include this in my email to the business.

How to Find Brands to Reach Out to

I follow a lot of other mom/lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. Often, what I will do, is if I see those who I follow working with a brand I will screenshot their photo, encase I forget to go back or forget the name. Then I will research the product. I will look and see how many followers they have, what the product is, and I will check out the tagged photos to see if they are currently working with a lot of bloggers. If I am interested in the brand, I will proceed by following them on Instagram and on Facebook.

Reaching Out

Often you can locate the brands email address, sometimes its easier said than done. If the email address cannot be found, I will head to their Facebook page, many times it can be found in the “About” section. If you still cannot find an email, then utilize the “Contact Us” form that many businesses have. I have had success with these forms, it just makes it more difficult to keep up with who you have contacted and you cannot attach a media kit.

Here is a sample of my email to brands…

Hi Whole Love Organics,

I just found your amazing line of all-natural, organic, and vegan products that promote a healthy household. I have a six-month-old, along with two toddlers, we are constantly on the go and always making messes along with memories wherever we are. I aim to find the BEST products for my family and our sensitive skin, especially having a child with allergies and eczema.

I am inquiring to see if you would like to partner up for a blog post on my blog and a social media campaign featuring your awesome products. Your skincare is well made and family friendly and I’d love to help spread the word to other mommas.

I have attached a media kit!
Thank you,
Morgan Cunningham

If you will notice in my email, I am not just coming out saying “GIVE ME FREE STUFF.” I start off with more of a form of flattery and then I connect the product to how it relates to me and my family. I ONLY reach out to businesses that I legitimately want to work with. They carry products that I believe in and that my family can use. You do not want to just take on every brand just to get free items. To me personally, it is kind of cheating the brand to ask for things you are not actually interested in and as a blogger I feel like it’s a little unethical and could potentially ruin the brand you are trying to build.

Prepare for Rejection

I aim to send out about five emails a week. That doesn’t always happen because it’s hard to find the time to research and find that many brands. I usually get about one yes for every five emails. It can get incredibly discouraging and you will feel like you aren’t good enough, but I promise there will be a brand that will take a risk on you. Patience is key here as well, it can take a while for a brand to get back in touch with you and many times you will never hear from the brand again. This is what I typically get back…

Hi Morgan,
Thanks so much for reaching out to us with this opportunity. Unfortunately, we are fully booked with collabs for the time-being, but please keep us in mind for the future.

That’s when you just move on. I usually don’t ever look back at the brands and I tend to unfollow them on social media…I know sounds a little harsh.

Brands Reaching Out

I get about one to two brands a month reaching out to me. This is incredibly flattering, I usually I blush when I read those messages. I will take on these brands but only if they fit in with my niche.

Quick FAQS

  • No, I have never been monetarily paid by these brands.
  • Do not settle for a discount, just move on. Many brands will try to get you to purchase product at a discount instead of giving you the product. Usually 30-40%. Don’t fall for that.
  • Clean and bright pictures make all the difference.
  • Your blog cannot be just products, I mean it can, but you will slowly loose readers.




  1. Tracey

    Great post! Thank you for sharing. Especially helpful to see the kind of email that you send. Will be pinning this! One question – how much reach/how many followers do you need to have before brands will take you seriously?

    02 . Nov . 2017
  2. Laura

    Great info! Thanks for sharing!

    02 . Nov . 2017
  3. Jessica

    Helpful insights her! I’m new to blogging and I am definitely gonna save this info!

    10 . Nov . 2017
  4. Kimberly Lewis

    Every blogger needs to read this! You have to have the right tools to find brands!

    10 . Nov . 2017
  5. Krystal Butherus

    Thank you for sharing a marvelous post! I know of a few new bloggers who could benefit from reading this.

    10 . Nov . 2017
  6. Angela Tolsma

    Media kit is so important. I had lots of luck with mine years ago, but circumstances lead to me taking it down and stop my work with brands. I hope to be able to do it again soon!

    10 . Nov . 2017
  7. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    These are great tips. It’s one of the ways that search for brands as well. Of course I haven’t been reaching out like I should.

    10 . Nov . 2017

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