An Honest Moms Thoughs On LEGOLAND


Hi! This season of life has been hard. I feel like I’m just running on coffee and trying to survive the day. I do think life is about to slow down…just a tad, but it should allow me a few more seconds in the day to chat with you! 

Currently we are driving across state lines comeing home from Orlando FL, yes, we were just there in October.

We have been on the road for 9 hours. I have to pee, but I’m not going to tell my hubby…I can hold it…maybe. Olive is crying, because why not, the boys are getting brain washed by tablets, and my husband is listening to a comedian that just mentioned the word pussy (just being transparent), yep, thats sure to be repeated by one of my kids. But thankfully we only have 2 more hours on the road.

Anyways, let’s chat about Orlando. My mom is officially a Floridian, so she treated us to a day trip to LEGOLAND, about an hour outside of Orlando.

LEGOLAND was fun okay. When thinking about LEGOLAND you’ve got to get Disney World out of your head, it just can’t compare. 

My boys, (ages 5 and 6) actually told me that they like LEGOLAND over Disney, and I totally get it (from their perspective). Everything At LEGOLAND is geared for ages 2-12, so it was ideal for my kids. My 6 year old was able to ride the majority of the rides and lines were super short, we never waited longer than 30 minutes. In many areas of the park, including in ride lines they provide building stations for kids. Your kids can play with LEGOs while waiting for the ride…which totally cuts out the “I’m hungry,” “how much longer” you know, the typical middle child remarks.

Everything is very compact at LEGOLAND, in a good way, you don’t have to walk “miles” to get to the next ride. The park is also wonderful about having plenty of misting fans and water bottle fill up stations. 

My kids ultimate favorite parts of LEGOLAND was trading minifigures. If you bring completed minifigs to the park (body, face, arms, and hat/hair) you can trade them with Model Citizens (people who work there). They also adored the Ski Show, lifesized minifigs ski and become part of the act. This mama found it super cheesy, I mean sking in a costume has to be difficult but the acting just kind of lacked…I told you I was being honest.

Morgs Quick Tips:

  • You can get your child pre-measured for rides.
  • Guest relations will provide you with fist visit and birthday buttons if you ask.
  • LEGOLAND has a app with wait times.
  • Bring minifigs.  
  • A lot of LEGO sets come with buy one get free coupons, it’s worth checking out.


LEGOLAND is a great, clean park for kids. I have no doubt that your kids will be fascinated and love it. However, it lacks the finesse of Disney and is 100% for the kids. The food at LEGOLAND isn’t overly expensive, but it kindof sucks. Bring snacks or eat before, if you are going to eat at the park check out Firehouse Ice Cream and Granny’s Apple Fries. 


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