A Murder Mystery Party To Die For


Don’t hate me, yes, it has taken me this long to write a blog post on my murder mystery party. If you are behind on the times or new here, my husband and I threw a murder mystery party back in January and it was to die for.

We are currently in the middle of planning our second murder mystery party, believe me I will keep you updated on that one. But till then I wanted to share with you just how fun and how easy throwing a murder mystery party can be.

The Basics

The theme of our party was Murder in the Roaring 20s. We used a flexible murder mystery party, which meant that my husband and I could participate in the murder mystery party without actually knowing who the murderer was. The flexible party was great, it worked really well for our group of 9 adults.

Flexible Party

With a flexible party you make slips of paper with the number of guests that you have attending. One of those slips of paper has an X on it indicating who the murderer is. When the party starts everyone draws one slip of paper. If you draw the marked slip you are the murderer. The script is written in two different formats. If you are the murderer you read a different version of your script. No one has read your script other than you. The script is not to be opened until the party starts. Now I might sound like a genius, but believe me, I didn’t make this all up myself. I purchased the party from an Etsy store. I will link it below.


All of our friends did an amazing job dressing up for their parts. It’s incredible how many costume accessories Amazon has for such a good price. They were not assigned their characters till they arrived. Ben and I went over the character list and matched their personalities to the characters provided before the party started. We did not know the entirety of the character’s backstory, which made for a fun party because some of our more soft-spoken guests ended up having raunchier characters.


In typical Morgan fashion I had to decorate. And I loved every minute of it. I set up a bar area using old wooden crates and put empty wine bottles in paper bags, I labeled them with fun phrases from the 20s. The other decorations were relatively simple. I just kept with the black and gold color scheme.

Beverages and Munchies

We had signature 1920s cocktails to make for everyone. They were a big hit. The cocktails that we created were:

  • Bees Knees:: .5oz honey syrup, .75oz lemon juice, .2oz gin
  • Blackberry Bramble:: .2oz gin, .1oz lemon juice, .25oz simple syrup, .5oz Creme de Murè, blackberries
  • Mint Julep:: .2oz bourbon, mint, .25oz simple syrup

My husband was the official bartender and did a great job. However, we’ll probably just do an open bar concept next time, it was a lot for him to keep up with.

As for food, we just did a potluck style appetizers. Sometimes I just have to realize that I don’t have to do everything.


Murder in the Roaring 20s- Murder Mystery Party


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