3…2…1…BLAST OFF:: Jett’s Space Party


This past weekend we celebrated Jett’s fifth birthday with an out of this world space themed party. This was Jett’s first big party with real friends from school, so I wanted it to be epic, which it was. I had a blast planning this party, and I hope it inspires you!

But first, a quick reminder. Do not let social media make you believe that your house is not good enough, your furniture is not new enough, or you don’t have enough space to host a party at your home. I’ve said this before and I still believe it, people just want to feel welcomed and are simply thrilled to be invited. As much as we are comparing ourselves, people are not judging us nearly as much as we may think. So go throw that party and enjoy the many blessings God has given you.

Recently, for birthday party invitations I have been using the app, Punchbowl. I’ve come to the realization that our generation does not like to RSVP. That’s okay, the cutsy paper invitations usually just don’t generate a response. I love to add personal items to every party that I plan, so an RSVP is kind of critical. Using an app like Punchbowl allows you to put in either an email address or a phone number and it will text/email the invitee. From there, all your guest have to do is click yes, no, or maybe in response to your invitation. It also sends reminders which is amazing. I have gotten great responses off of Punchbowl. You may also purchase a upgraded version of the app for a larger variety of invite designs.


  • Spaceship: The spaceship was a big hit for Jett’s party. I purchased a cardboard spaceship on clearance at Michael’s craft store. I wasn’t a fan of the actual design on the ship, so I covered it in aluminum foil purchased from the Dollar Tree. I also used HVAC tape to pull it all together. I added foam stars to the top as well as foam flames on the bottom. A American flag and a NASA logo gave it some extra pizzazz.
  • Ceiling Decorations: You can’t have a space party without hanging something from the ceiling. I purchased silver stars from the Dollar Tree and a bunch of planets from Oriental Trading. I got a blowup astronaut and rocket ship from Amazon and hung them from the ceiling as well. Coincidentally, they were hung by an air vent so they spun the entire party, let’s just say that was purposeful and worked in my favor.
  • Balloon Arch: I created my very first balloon arch. I’m still pretty shocked that I did this myself. And I really enjoyed creating it. I purchased a Balloon Decoating Strip from Party City and it worked perfectly. The balloons were purchased from the Dollar Tree. The entire project was about $8 and made a huge statement. Maybe I should go into the balloon business now!
  • Backdrop: If you’ve been here a while you know that I love photo backdrops. I purchase them from Amazon usually for about $20. They are statement makers. This one is about 7’ x 5’ and features the moon and earth.


We played a handful of games at Jett’s party. The astronauts were in training and these games were the “tests.”

  • Moonrock Race: Using aluminum foil rolled into balls, each kid used a serving spoon to try and scoop up the Moonrock and run and put it in another bucket.
  • Robotic Arm Challenge: I purchased a robotic arm from Amazon and used practice golf balls. The goal is to move the golf balls to another bucket using the robotic arm…It’s harder than you think.
  • Planet Skeet Ball: I used Dollar Tree buckets and printed out pictures of planets and placed each bucket on the stairs. The kids had to get the balls in the planets bucket. I’m sure this game could’ve gone a little further and more in depth, but for 5 year olds it was perfect.
  • Lung Capacity Test: This challenge was super simple, all they had to do was blow bubbles.


Keep in mind you’re not allowed to judge me on my food choices…They were keeping with the theme. Obviously we had cupcakes, and here’s my rant about cupcakes: Cupcakes are awesome. They aren’t messy, you don’t even have to buy an extra set of plates, and Sam’s Club sells them for $15. Now, I did add some star sprinkles purchased from Hobby Lobby to make them special. But save yourself the time from cutting the cake and just buy cupcakes.

  • Moonrocks: We served cheese puffs to act as moonrocks.
  • Saturns Rings : Yep, I even gave them some Froot Loops A.k.a. Saturns rings.
  • Rocket fruit kebabs: I purchased star wands from the princess party section at Hobby Lobby, but turned them in to rocket fruit kebabs using grapes and strawberries.


I didn’t really do goody bags for this party. I think they’re a little overrated and over done. So I made jet packs for each kid, they also had a NASA name badge, and I sent them home with a Milky Way candy bar. Super simple.

  • Jet packs: The jet packs were made using HVAC tubing along with HVAC tape. It was a lot easier than it looks. I also used the HVAC tape for the straps, which was great because it’s lined with a backing. The fire is just a mix of different tissue papers.

If I learned anything from this party, it’s that HVAC supplies can be used for anything.


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