I Am 27 Years Old and 99% Sterile:: My Decision to have a Tubal Ligation


As my naked rear-end sat on the paper of my OBGYNs exam table after being checked for dilation the most uncomfortable debate session happened between me, myself and I.

I was debating on signing the consent form for my tubal ligation.

That wasn’t the only intense standoff that day. After I finally brought myself to sign my childbearing abilities away, my doctor began to double and triple check my decision. Making me question what I truly wanted. I’m sure this was typical protocol, especially considering my age.

Deciding to have a tubal ligation after/during my third C-section was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. Yes, three kids is plenty and I am very content in the size of our family. But I still struggled with the idea of completely committing.
Immediately when I signed that paper, I felt as though I signed my life away along with any unknown life, that I had yet to meet.

Thoughts were racing through my head. I began to think about the miscarriage I had two years prior. Then, I remembered a sweet friend from college whose son passed away way too young. I thought about my best friend and her babies in heaven and I then remembered the moment the doctors thought that my pregnancy with Olive was going to end with a miscarriage.

Why did all these thoughts circle my mind? I believe it was the fear of the unknown.

Olive’s pregnancy was a difficult one. Over and over again, I could be heard saying, I never want to be pregnant again. I had a major blood clot that had to be monitored and I found out at 35 weeks that my uterus was thinning and I was at high risk for a uterine rupture. At the time, my pregnancy was becoming stressful and I wasn’t sure if my body would make it.

We decided to deliver Olive at 38 weeks. My body did it, I made it through. The C-section procedure felt the same as my previous three and the recovery was surprisingly easy this time around.

My doctor was able to perform my tubal ligation during the C-section, so I can’t even pin point when they were preforming the procedure. The process of a tubal ligation includes severing the fallopian tube so that sperm can no longer travel and fertilize the egg.

I have had no known side effects from the procedure. However, this is the first baby that I have dealt with postpartum depression. I also feel like my periods came back a tad heavier…go me.

When I was deep in my postpartum depression, I blamed my husband for talking me into the tubal ligation. Looking at Olive made the fact of never having another baby again hard to handle. I ultimately knew that in my right state of mind, my husband and I made the correct decision for our family TOGETHER.

Deciding to have your tubes tied is an incredibly hard decision, here are the things I had to consider:

  • Do you want any more children?
  • Can your body withstand being pregnant again?
  • Do your religious beliefs support a tubal ligation?
  • Is your spouse in agreement?
  • Do you feel pressured to have a tubal ligation by your spouse?



  1. robin rue

    I had a c-section with my second son, but since I gave birth in a Catholic hospital, they wouldn’t do a tubal ligation on me. I ended up having a procedure in the doctor’s office called Essure, which blocked off my tubes so I can’t get pg. I knew after two kids that I was DONE!

    02 . Jan . 2018
  2. Krystal Butherus

    These are all great and important questions to consider when deciding on having a tubal ligation. It’s always important to do research on something as serious as this.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  3. Melissa Chapman

    It is always tough to make those big decisions that are permanent especially when it is your body. I think you know if the safety of your future might be at stake then you know if you did the righht thing.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  4. Amber Nelson

    Wow, it is a tough decision I am sure. My husband got the surgery to be “fixed”. I figured since I had the babies, it was his turn!

    02 . Jan . 2018
  5. Rebecca Bryant

    I decided to have one after losing our second child. It was the toughest choice ever but one I made anyways. thank you for sharing this it made me realized I’m not alone.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  6. Laura @ MommyDearest

    It’s always very tough when it comes to making decisions like this. My husband is on the list to be “fixed” as I figured if I pushed the babies out it’s his turn. Though even talking through that decision was difficult. The questions you pose are so valid.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  7. Karen Morse

    It’s definitely a tough decision to make especially when your heart isn’t fully in it. But it’s a decision that you’re making for the future of your family and not just yours. I think it’s really nice that you shared your story so you can help others decide better.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  8. Di Hickman

    One of my friends recently had this done and it was barely even a second thought, she had been 100% happy with her decision. I admit I wish I’d had it done years ago.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  9. Kate

    I can imagine what a tough decision that was for you. I considered having the procedure done after the birth of my second baby, but ultimately decided against it; I just wasn’t 100% sure. I’m sure I’ll consider it again if we have another baby.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  10. Maria

    So appreciative that you shared such a serious and heartfelt post with us. Sending your beautiful family much love, and sending you strength and support <3

    02 . Jan . 2018
  11. Cindy Ingalls

    Very good advice. I think as women when we see a baby we all have second thoughts.

    02 . Jan . 2018
  12. Shandy Kaye

    In my opinion, You don’t need to have a tubal ligation so that you can’t have kids. You can talk with each other about family planning.

    03 . Jan . 2018
  13. Reesa Lewandowski

    I struggle with this pretty much every single day. As much as I know I am done having kids, I think about everyday if I want to make it official. But then I question myself wondering if then do I really know I am done? Crazy what we have to go through!

    03 . Jan . 2018
  14. Terri Steffes

    I hadn’t considered a tubal ligation as I had issues getting pregnant, and ended up with one child and one miscarriage. Reading about your experiences helped me to be more considerate of others going through this same decision.

    03 . Jan . 2018
  15. Rachel

    I feel like it is such a hard decision to decide to be 100% done. I am pretty sureI am but i can’t seem to make a final decision.

    03 . Jan . 2018
  16. Censie Sawyer

    Wow. What an incredible thing to share with us. What a hard decision. We have decided we are done with having children but have not done anything permanent to stop it. Thank you for this information.

    03 . Jan . 2018
  17. kimberly lewis

    that would be such a hard thing to face at your age. good luck to you!

    03 . Jan . 2018
  18. ashley hargrove

    Praise you for being so open about such a personal situation. Such a tough decision to make but at least you have the support from your loving husband.

    03 . Jan . 2018
  19. serena

    Such great important questions to answer. And a really hard choice at your young age. Sounds like you did the right thing with the risks of any other pregnancies.

    03 . Jan . 2018
  20. Jeanine

    I am currently pregnant with our 8th child. I had planned and set dates after baby #6 and baby #7 to have my tubal and never went through with it. This is something I am really struggling with. This post has me thinking.

    04 . Jan . 2018
  21. Carolyn

    Gorgeous baby. That is such a tough decision. I can understand how it can be super tough and you can question yourself like crazy. I didn’t want to do a tubal but I tried to talk my husband into being snipped….he chickened out after having a consultation.

    04 . Jan . 2018
  22. Toughcookiemommy

    I think that this is a deeply personal decision and that individuals decide whether it is the right one for them. I also knew I didn’t want to have any more children after I had my second child.

    04 . Jan . 2018
  23. HilLesha

    I’ve heard that it could be a tough procedure, emotionally and physically, but ultimately, you have to do what is best for you and your family! While I never had it done, one of my sisters had this done.

    05 . Jan . 2018
  24. Heather

    I seriously considered this after my second daughter. My mom had her “tubes tied” shortly after her third child too. The decision is different for every family but it sounds like you did what was best for you.

    07 . Jan . 2018

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