Is it strange that Valentine’s Day has always been my one of my favorite holidays? There’s just something about celebrating love! No matter if you’re celebrating your love for your husband, your kids, or your friends, I just adore getting to spend a whole day reminding those around me just how much I love them.

My kids don’t receive anything overly elaborate for Valentine’s Day, it’s usually just candy and a cheap toy, typically from the dollar section at Target. However, lately I’ve been on a kick of giving my children books for holidays, so that’s what we are doing for Valentine’s Day.

“Books are uniquely portable magic” -Stephen King

There’s just something so special about receiving a book. A book can take you from sitting in your adverage living room, to finding the treasure with some quirky sailors, or you could become a brave explorer who has to save the kingdom. Books allow your children’s imagination to blossom.

I was so excited to get to partner with Kabook! Kabook is a story building company that allows you to put your child directly into one of their amazing adventures.


Kabook makes your child the star of the story. You are able to customize the photos and the text to fit your child!

It took me about 45 minutes to create three books, one for each of my children. The process was super easy and I even got to review the books and see all the photos and text before I purchased. Kabook offers super fast shipping, making it perfect for quick gift.

I love these books so much that Kabook decided to do a giveaway for a free book with me. Go check out the post on my Instagram.


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